Dominic M. Liddell


Digital Consulting

Let’s find out together how your app performs technically. I can help you set up performance monitoring, A/B testing setup, or run usability tests for you. Get answers your user experience; is it engaging your users or frustrating them?

Code Development

I can handle either the full stack of a web application – from databases to back-end to front-end. I am proficient in front-end development (HTML, CSS, Javascript), Ruby and Rails development, PHP, WordPress, and other technologies.


I provide training on beginner and intermediate topics in front-end development, Ruby on Rails, computer science, Wordpress, and related topics. I can work with small and medium groups.


I’ll help you get up to speed with virtual or in-person pair programming. There are few better ways to get from a journeyman to master than to work together with a more experienced developer.